Maytag and the 100th anniversary of its first washing machine.
It was already 100 years ago in 2007 that Maytag offered us washers, quite an achievement! Frederick Louis (he was known as F.L.) Maytag built his first washer in 1907 during the off season of his farming business, like any visionary and leader he wanted to invent a tool to help him in his daily activities.

Maytag has become a brand recognized worldwide for its quality and durability. To highlight this great feat, they have developed a limited edition model of its traditional washer with round buttons on the platform above the washer. There are many models today that have copied this style, which remains an emblem of the original Maytag style.

This model is therefore based on the traditional style and follows the line of the Maytag Centennial Commemorative models. This particular model has a particular writing in its top left loading panel which says: "100th year anniversary Dependable Care" or "100ieme anniversaire dependable care". The washer white is actually more of a creamy white, than a pure white. Which works great with the rose gold elements on the buttons and the top loading. What is most aesthetically pleasing is also the detail at the bottom of the washer, with a metal plate that fills the front of the washer in rose gold color.

This model has inspired several other brands in terms of design, but this model in particular, in addition to being a limited edition, is really a technological marvel but a style and a modern and beautiful look.