Some eco-friendly cleaning tips that we learned

Some cleaning tips that we learned after cleaning more than 1,000 appliances in the past few months (in an eco-responsible way, without the frequent use of chemicals) It is difficult to do a big cleaning of appliances without using chemicals.

The truth is that for ovens, for example, we must use an industrial degreaser from the ZEP brand. The product has chemicals, what we do on the other hand to reduce the use of the product is to preheat the oven, put the product and let the product act in the heat, which allows to use the product less and makes the result all as effective.

We try our hardest to think of ecological solutions and depending on the type of appliances to clean here are some examples that work well for us.

1. Wash the stainless steel sink / refrigerator / others with baby oil

To properly clean a stainless steel appliance, just use a little baby oil. Wash normally first and then add baby oil.

2. Use white vinegar for stainless steel pots

To remove the remaining stains from your stainless steel pots, simply place a little white vinegar in the bottom of the pots and let them soak for a few minutes. Then rinse with warm water.

3. Use lemon salt

If you find rust on stainless steel, rub it with a little lemon salt. Then rinse.

4. Use Mr. Clean's magic erasers.

A truly magical product, it removes stains, brings many small scratches to order and works wonderfully.

5. Use baking soda

You want to avoid odors in your refrigerator. Just leave baking soda open in your fridge. This does not change the smell, but absorbs bad odors. Really .... it works! Change every 3 months.

"It's very simple and all green: homemade cleaning products and reusable cloths are economical and better for the environment. "