Making moving day environmentally friendly one appliance at a time.

Throughout June and July, we want to make your relocation more eco-friendly.

For every order you make with 22KG, shipping will only be $1. We will be donating the remainder of the usual shipping fee to Gold Standard's Cleaner & Safer Stoves in Malawi project.

The Cleaner & Safer Stoves project will provide improved cookstove within Malawi, where 98% of families cook using firewood and charcoal. 

In addition to reducing air pollution, the project also:

  • Promotes safer childhoods (reduction of cooking-related injuries)
  • Increases local employment
  • Reduces household labour and improves livelihoods
  • Supports stable farming environment

For more information on this project, please visit the Gold Standard website.

Gold Standard is supported and endorsed by more than 80 NGOs including WWF, CARE International and Worldvision Australia. Their climate protection projects channel all donations to low carbon development projects for communities in need. 

Please help us make an impact this Moving season.

With 💜,

The 22KG Family