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On average, every Canadian generates 22kg of e-waste per year. Most of this waste ends up in our landfills. We want to be an easy alternative to landfill disposal. Here’s how we’re going about it:

We love our recycling partners.

About 90 per cent of major appliances like fridges and air conditioners in Quebec are disposed of improperly, with more than 85% of the gas in cooling coils and insulating foam being released into the atmosphere. Through our collaboration with our recycling partners, we are currently able to prevent 80% of the materials that make up our large appliances from entering our landfills. Find out more about our recycling partners here:



We are working towards a Zero Landfill Policy.

We are currently able to divert 80% of the materials that make up our large home appliances through our in-house recycling and reclamation initiatives, along with our collaboration with our recycling partners. Our ultimate goal is to achieve a zero landfill policy, ensuring the complete reuse, reclamation or responsible destruction of all of our appliances.

We are committed to responsible in-house recycling and reclamation.

We safely and responsibly remove and reuse 100% of the freon that is present in all of our cooling units, ensuring that none of it enters our landfills.

We encourage reuse with our Trade-In Program.

We will take your old appliance off your hands and either repair it or ensure it goes to a proper end-of-life waste management facility. If we are able to repair your old appliance, we’ll give you a credit that can be applied towards any new appliance available on our website. Find out more about our Trade-In Program here.

We are implementing community initiatives that will make a difference.

We believe change starts at home so we are working on implementing a donation program for our refurbished appliances. If you know of a community centre, animal shelter or community outreach organization that could use a pre-owned appliance, get in touch!

We’re obsessed with making responsible appliance shopping easy.

Whether it’s a repair, purchase, lease, payment installment, or extended warranty question you have, our customer experience team is here to help you.

Please contact us at 1 833 514 2254, support@22kg.ca, or chat online with any inquiries.