We’re setting a new standard for pre-loved home appliances.

Our mission is to promote sustainable practices by giving new life to pre-loved home appliances and promoting safe and responsible end-of-life waste management. The result? Functional and economic appliances for you, a reduction of improper landfill disposals and the diversion of harmful waste from our ground and water systems.

Out with the old, in with the (pre-owned) new.

Zero Landfill Policy

We are currently able to divert 80% of the materials that make up our large home appliances through our in-house recycling and reclamation initiatives, along with our recycling partners. Our goal is to achieve a zero landfill policy, ensuring the complete reuse, reclamation or safe destruction of all of our appliances.

If you have an appliance you’d like to reuse or recycle, you can call us to inquire about our Trade-In Policy, or contact our recycling partners:

Waste Connections Canada

AIM Recycling

Trade-In Policy

About 90 per cent of major appliances like fridges and air conditioners in Quebec are disposed of improperly, with more than 85% of the gas in cooling coils and insulating foam being released into the atmosphere.

Our Trade-In Policy will take your old appliance off your hands and either repair it or ensure it goes to a proper end-of-life waste management facility. If we are able to repair your old appliance, we’ll give you a credit that can be applied towards any new appliance available on our website. Together, we can improve our communities and lessen our impact on the planet.

We give back.

Donation program

We are implementing a donation program that will allow us to refurbish and donate much-needed appliances to local community organizations. If you know of a community centre, animal shelter or community outreach organization in Montreal that could use a pre-owned appliance, please get in touch!